Borthwick y Asociados

Our Vision

"Something is not fair because it is the law. It must be the law because it is fair." Montesquieu

Our philosophy is based on preventive consulting services and resolution of conflicts before they escalate to court actions, which usually have an uncertain outcome.

The foundation of our legal system are laws that in many cases are over a hundred years old, partly adapted in some cases to modern trends in business activities or corporate requirements.

Our firm has the vocation of working with all available legal tools to assist our clients with proactive and preventive visions and solutions that permit them to avoid conflicts and to conduct their businesses with the least possible risks.

We believe in close and personal relationships with clients in order to generate dynamic and personalized consulting and legal services that are preventive and not corrective in nature whenever possible.

To this firm, the client-attorney relationship is to be developed over time, with a high degree of mutual trust.

Satisfied clients and continuing relationships are proof of this.

Alvin Toffler says that companies should be valued on the basis of their intangible assets: experience and knowledge. Our firm has both.



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